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QIXUE PVB Film is a macromolecule material molded by polyviny, butyral resin that is plasticized and extruded by plasticity. Our PVB film with excellent light transparency, heat and cold resistance, elasticity, is well-sticking to inorganic glass and the making of laminated safety glass. Usual thickness specification is between 0.2 mm - 2 mm.

QIXUE PVB Film is mainly used in making laminated safety glass. Laminated glass is a special glass which is inserted with PVB film between two layers of common glass, which under high heating temperature and pressure, binds to create a single construction. Because of PVB laminated glass with the function of safety, heat preservation, noise proof, and ultraviolet resistance, etc, it is widely used in areas such as high-rise building and auto. PVB film with special formula is also used in aeroplane, space flight ware, military instrument, solar battery, solar energy acceptor and so on.

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